Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Abarth, Baby, Hurry Down the Production Line This Spring

It’s December.  We are all thinking about what we can do for those we love, and for those less fortunate.  But let’s face facts, if we didn’t have the occasional dream about what an earth-shatteringly awesome present a new car would be, not only would we not be human but years of Lexus advertising would have been in vain.  They call it the “December to Remember”, not “Last Day of the Month to Remember” for a reason.

So what are we Abarth aficionados to do? We have months (not sure how many, but definitely plural) to go before we’ll even be able to see the Abarth.  Then comes the budget analysis, where we consider quitting smoking, using store brand toilet paper instead of Charmin, and/or selling our less-vital organs (anyone need a kidney?).  Or maybe that’s just me.
So while visions of sugarplums dance in the heads of our less octane-addicted relatives, remember to ask for something to hold you over this holiday season.  While you are tasked with hiding away each spare penny for an Abarth like a nervous squirrel preparing for winter, remind your family that they can keep you from going insane by getting you an Abarth hat or t-shirt.  When you’re clicking a million miles an hour on the inevitable Abarth configurator, or just perusing the feature availability list like you’ve already done 50 times, remember to thank your loved ones for putting up with your obsession.
Happy Holidays from the entire Bob-Boyd FIAT family!


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